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A Future of Food Novelty and Better Health

[NB: published by the European Commission in Futurium]
By 2030, food will be still linked to culture preferences, but with increasing globalisation and personal mobility, cultural diversity in communities will be exceeded by cuisine diversity. In addition, people's choices of what to eat will be greatly expanded by the development of new and novel foods – in part as a response to innovation in agribusiness (GMO foods), in part as a response to scarcity issues (cereal super-strains, perennial farming), in part as a response to ethical issues ('in vitro' meat production).

Agri fields

EU Industrial Policy: Agri-food overview

This brief EU Industrial policy overview for the Agri-food sector is an extract of the report published January 22, 2014. This staff working document illustrates trends and the impact of the crisis on production, investment, productivity, employment, skills and innovation. It also describes the EU performance in the international arena and considers possible benefits from improvements in the internal market regulations.

With an annual turnover over EUR 1 trillion and around 4 million employees, the agri- food industry is part of a complex supply chain, which encompasses also agriculture and distributive trade. Taken as a whole, this value chain generates a total value added of € 715 billion per year — almost 6% of the EU Gross Domestic Product. On average, 15% of household expenditure is on food and drink. The sector not only feeds people,it also responds to cultural, health, ethical demands and many other qualities that consumers demand from their food, including convenience.
Moreover, the EU is the world's biggest exporter and importer of agricultural and food products and accounts for about 19% of total global export flows.

59_state-industry-sectoral-overview.pdf[State of the Industry, Sectoral overview and Implementation of the EU Industrial Policy - EN]1401 Kb
yellow spotted boxfish

The Ocean of Tomorrow projects: what results so far?

This event is organized by the European Commission with the aim to bring together researchers, universities, small and medium size enterprises and all interested in the «The Ocean of Tomorrow» calls. Additionally to the information sessions on this call, there will be an opportunity to network and meet potential consortium partners in this event.
For further information and registration, please click here.
When: 26 March 2014 – from 8:30-17:00
Where: Brussels, Belgium
European Commission, MADOU Building: 1 Place Madou 1210 Brussels.
To explore results of FP7 projects and how these could contribute to H2020.
ocean-of-tomorrow-2014-programme_en.pdf[Programme of the conference Oceans of tomorrow 2014]433 Kb
ocean-of-tomorrow-2014_en.pdf[Report on the results of the FP7 projects on the Oceans of Tomorrow]2827 Kb
copyright seed

No patent on seeds !?

Patent Cases
The European Patent Office (EPO) has already granted many hundreds of patents on genetically engineered plants and animals (see statistics) and has even started to grant patents on normal, non modified plants .

However, legally speaking, there is still uncertainty on where patentability ends. Both the EPC and the EU directive 98/44/EC set limits to patentability of living organisms. Nevertheless, the EPO has repeatedly granted patents which clearly go behond these limits. Some of them have been revoked following an opposition procedure. In other cases the EPO has interpreted the laws in such a way as to undermine the limits of patentability.


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